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In September 2019, a rare new-born zebra foal with polka dots instead of stripes was photographed in the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya.

When I discovered this, I couldn’t help thinking to myself what would happen if this zebra was a human child. Imagine how difficult life would be from the second it was born. The pressure to conform. The demand to look like everybody else.

Society - and by this, I mean governments, educators, schools, and organisations - has a formula and guidelines on what we ought to look like and how we should behave.

I am a spotted zebra. I have always felt like one. And I know I am not alone. If you picked up this book and are reading it, chances are, you are one too - openly or hiding your spots under artistically painted stripes just so you blend in.

The purpose of this book is to help you unleash your true potential by revealing your spots. And I intend to do this by showing you mine through my uniqueness and the lessons they’ve taught me. And I hope, in turn, you too can find the courage to show your spots.

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